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Writing by the Water



Get the support you need to reach your goals.

Whether your manuscript is a hefty final draft or just an idea, we can get it to the next level together.


Hi! I'm Cynthia

I'm an editor by profession and a writer by nature. I understand the vulnerability that it takes to put your heart on the page and share it with others.

My mission is to support you through the writing and publishing process and make it as encouraging and successful as possible. 

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Sabrina N.

I had a great experience with Cynthia. She provided me with the encouragement I needed to keep moving forward while also providing me with constructive feedback. She answered all my questions about finding an agent and even ways to improve my writing/novel. If you're needing someone to help with your writing projects who will pump you up, reach out to Cynthia!

Britt D.

I love working with Cynthia! I get great insights and feel like she brings out the best version of my work. She spent time discussing every aspect of my manuscript, answering questions and helping me solidify my next steps.

Hannah E.

I had the opportunity to work with Cynthia over the summer and she helped me push over that hump and finish the first draft of my novel. I really enjoyed working with her; having someone to be accountable to and to be able to talk through things with was so helpful!

Reach out to learn more.

Click below to go to the Contact form. Fill out your information and tell me a little about your project, and I'll be in touch!

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